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Virginia Attorney General Rescinds Reciprocity for Concealed Handgun Permits with 25 States 

How can you protect yourself while traveling through Virginia with a Concealed Handgun Permit that's no longer recognized?

One way to continue exercising your Second Amendment right in Virginia is to open carry your firearm. When traveling through or visiting Virginia, the law allows you to carry your handgun in an open holster. Open carried firearms are off limits in state offices, state parks, and anywhere else it's illegal to carry a concealed firearm with a permit. If open carry is an option for you, please consult local laws before doing so as they change frequently.

Another way to continue protecting yourself in the state of Virginia is by obtaining a Virginia Out of State Concealed Handgun permit. For those that visit the state frequently this is a great option to continue carrying a concealed firearm. The same background criteria applies for in state and out of state applicants.

We'll keep you up to date regarding this situation as we receive updated information.