Guns save lives! We teach you to properly use them!!

"We thoroughly enjoyed taking the concealed carry course from you. It was informative and well taught. You took great care to answer questions and made certain that everyone understood the material. We also appreciated the time you took during the practical segment to stress safety and the accuracy of each participant."
     Paul & Lynne

"Everyone who took your class from the raw beginners to the so called old hands learned a lot. It was an excellent introduction and or review. Our group especially enjoyed the range time with your expert advise. It was great to see the first time shooter score some bullseyes with your help. I really appreciate your tolerance and patience with such a group of potential know it alls(doctors tend to be that way you know). Your easy going way with the folks was super. You know, many experts make you feel pretty stupid when you ask questions but you managed to make everyone feel right at ease. I would highly recommend this class to anyone. I eventually obtained my concealed carry permit after the application office lost it for a while. Thanks again for your effort and time you spent with us!"

"I attended class on May 18. The class was not only informative but I actually had fun. The class was very laid back and casual. Gary taught on my level and I knew next to nothing about pistols. I would definitely attend the class again and recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about firearms."

"I thought the instruction you gave was very thorough and covered all of the basic information needed to handle a firearm correctly and safely. Although I am certainly no expert, after the instruction I received in your class, I feel confident I could use a firearm properly to protect myself if necessary."

"Thanks for all you did today, it was very interesting. Your use of real firearms as a teaching tool helped make the class the success it was. Your delivery was great, never over the top of you students head, just an easy class to set in on. Your outside instructions was equally as interesting as the inside class. Your emphases on safety with the firearms was exceptionally well addressed.You are a true professional in every sense of the word. We at the Fire Department have a saying when it come's to classes,"The mind can only comprehend what the butt is willing to endure". Again thanks for everything."