Guns save lives! We teach you to properly use them!!


Expert Training In Gun Safety, Concealed Handgun Permits, Self Defense, and NRA Instructor classes.

 Specialized Instruction In The Following Classes:

Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit - This class encompasses all Virginia requirements to apply for a concealed handgun permit. Topics include firearm  safety, firearm maintenance, stance, aiming, breathing technique, and firearm proficiency.  UNLIKE MANY OTHER CONCEALED HANDGUN PERMIT CLASSES, 50% OF YOUR TIME IS SPENT ON THE PISTOL RANGE. Our personal protection instructors are committed to your proficiency with a firearm. We believe passionately that you cannot protect yourself or your family if you cannot hit your target.

Refuse To Be A Victim - This 3 hour class instructs participants in situational awareness around the home, when traveling for business or leisure and for travel both domestically and internationally. Learn how to make your home more burglar proof, how to keep the unwanted out and what you should do if the unwanted gain entrance, and how to setup a safe room. Refuse To Be A Victim is great for groups or individuals. There are no firearms involved in this class. Contact us today, we will come to you and train at your location.

Individual or Group Handgun Proficiency - Our personal protection instructors have many years of experience with handgun proficiency and finding your mark. We offer one on one or group training in the basics of grip, aiming, breathing technique, and shooting. Contact us and schedule a time so that we can help you find the your mark and hit your target!

Personal Protection and Self Defense - This 8 hour class involves all aspects of personal protection and self defense. Included are sexual assault prevention, hand to hand combat, and point and shoot firearm methods. Lunch is provided and class instructors bring a wealth of military and personal protection knowledge to this class.

NRA Instructor - These 2 day courses are for those that want to become Certified NRA Instructors. Classes offered include Basic Pistol, First Steps Pistol, Basic Rifle, Basic Shotgun, Home Firearm Safety, Range Safety Officer, Chief Range Safety Officer, and Refuse To Be A Victim.

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